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Latest News

Excellent feedback from patients regarding telephone consultations 

We have received excellent feedback from our patients who have had telephone consultations with our Pharmacy technician. Results can be viewed below: 

Feedback Data

Mental health awareness week


Training Day at our practice for staff working across North Doncaster


- Community podiatrist

- Health coordinators

- Pharmacy technicians

We are proud to train the above new members joining the NHS in North Doncaster to support the 77,000 patients living here. We carried out training on 6/4/21 at our Mexborough surgery .

The practice has also provided policies & piloting of new roles

This will provide more healthcare support to patients of North Doncaster

Look out for the Dietitian & Health Coaches who will be supporting our patients starting in the next month or so ...this will include fitness support , weight loss etc

National Day of Reflection - Tuesday 23rd March 2021  

Today marks the one year anniversary of our first lockdown. The National Day of Reflection is an opportunity for us to commemorate the tragic loss of life and to stand together with everyone who is grieving or has been impacted by COVID-19.  Over the last year the COVID-19 pandemic has brought so many changes to our lives.   The year has shown us what each one of us is capable of.   Amongst all the sadness there is also a lot that we should be grateful for.  As we look to the future, we will remember all those who are no longer with us, all the sacrifices made and all the challenges we have overcome.  Thank you for supporting the NHS.  This is our thank you to you.   #NHS #nationaldayofreflection #manorviewpractice #teammvp #weareallinthistogether

Vaccine information - translated information leaflets








National Apprentice week-  8th Feb-14th Feb 


National Apprenticeship Week is a great opportunity to highlight the amazing opportunities that an apprenticeship brings to employers, individuals and our NHS.

Apprentice week is about highlighting the incredible work of our apprentices Matt and Lily who have contributed a great deal to the practice, patients and the community as a whole. During such unprecedented times they are an asset to our practice where they have worked with our multidisciplinary team and have been instrumental in the running of our community vaccination campaigns. 

'Doing this apprenticeship has really helped me to develop my communication skills and gain a huge experience of employment. It has taught me key skills that I will take with me forever and gain confidence within my role.' - matt
'I've been doing the apprenticeship for over 6 months now and I am really enjoying it, all the staff are so helpful with any question I have. I have learnt valuable skills about communication and customer service which I will take with me in my career. I am proud to be part of the practice especially in these difficult and uncertain times.' - Lily


Yorkshire Carpal Tunnel Service

The Yorkshire Carpal Tunnel Service has now been running since March 2013. In this time we have seen over 80 patients, who have come to see us to have their surgery performed.

We have two excellent consultants working alongside us, Mr Ajit Shetty and Mr Bernd Ketzer, who are both NHS Orthopaedic Surgeons. We also run the service with an experiences Scrub Nurse, Dave Spencer, and a HCA from the practice.

Patients are referred by their GP to the service usineg a letter and a scoring sheet. They are then contacted and booked into a clinic at either Askern or Mexborough, to have their surgery performed. We offer weekday and weekend appointments which help people that work.

The service has been extremely successful, and we welcome all new referrals.

Please find below a photograph of a Doncaster GP training session for Carpal Tunnel.


17 years of Service

It is with great sadness that we announce the retirement of Sheila who has dedicated 17 years of service at Askern Medical Practice which is at the heart of the community. Sheila will be very much missed by the staff, patients and the community. We thank you for your service and we wish you all the best for the next chapter of your life. 


You said it, We did it!

just over a year ago we fully replaced our telephone system and further purchased software to monitor incoming calls. You had stated that service has improved since.

Moving forward, we have been using this software to assess the waiting times, phone call drops and time on the telephone. the receptionist telephone hub has been extended with staff providing phone service centrally branching out to all the sites and increased the number of staff answering from 4 members to 8 members of staff. All staff members have had training to provide the highest level of satisfaction. The further good news being the waiting times have dropped from 7 minutes to 4 minutes during peak times and between 1-2 minutes during off peak times. We have presented this at the patient participation group meeting held on the 4th of November which was widely attended on a virtual basis given we are in the second lockdown. 

Mexborough medical practice pilots 

the practice acts as a pilot for the following: 

- upto 60 additional appointments per week with Mrs Charlotte O'Reilly who is the muskuloskeletal practitioner at the practice. she has successfully completed her 6 month pilot and will continue to provide the service. 

- Mental health practitioner- we currently offer upto 45 additional appointments a week with Racheal dean who is an experienced psychiatric nurse. patients can be dealt with her for mental health issues. We have excellent feedback from patients who have used the above 2 services

they are the first of their kind in Doncaster GP practices and have been used as a template for recruitment in the primary care network practices from January 2021. We have shared the workings and the success story with 11 other practices in Doncaster and further afield. 

we are 100% compliant with '0 paper prescriptions'. All prescriptions have been done electronically to help with accuracy, speed and the green agenda and to reduce the infection spread by use of paper and handling. 

Thank you for your feedback. 

Survey on use of technology in GP and nurse consulting in primary care- June 2020

given the nature of the high infection rate of COVID-19 and numerous deaths from it, the doctors have been advised by NHS England, RCGP and the British medical association on how services should be delivered. This meant a high proportion of services were being provided through the video and telephone consultations alongside some face to face consultations. 

there has been a big jump in these new forms of consultation. we have sent a text out to you on a survey linking to survey monkey and we thank you for all your responses. 

the results are as follows: 

60% of patients who responded were happy and felt that video and telephone consultations were adequate

10% of patients felt it made no difference

20% of patients did not like the new method of consultation, the reasons being cited were: difficulty in using technology, did not have a smartphone with camera, did not have adequate connection capabilities and some could not afford a mobile phone and had only access to a landline. 

this important group which constitutes 1/5 patients we felt were at a disadvantage and did not match up with stats nationally which quoted 3-5% of patients who didn't embrace technology. 

We believe we are the only practice in Doncaster who has done this survey and this has been passed onto the director of IT and director of primary care at Doncaster CCG to take note and create ways of helping these vulnerable patients. 

Staff training

The team at your GP surgery is constantly striving to improve your care and improve their skills so that you have a better patient experience. We host regular team training where we educate, learn and build new skills.


World Stroke Day- 29th October 2020

click the link to see how you can get involved in the movement to raise awareness for stroke patients.

World Patient Safety week- September 2020

The overall objectives of World Patient Safety week are to enhance global understanding of patient safety, increase public engagement in the safety of health care and promote global actions to enhance patient safety and reduce patient harm. The origin of the Day is firmly grounded in the fundamental principle of medicine – First, do no harm.

The COVID-19 pandemic is presently among the biggest challenges and threats to face the world and humanity, and health care is living its greatest crisis in patient safety ever! The pandemic has exerted unprecedented pressure on health systems worldwide. Health systems can only function with health workers, and a knowledgeable, skilled and motivated health workforce is critical for the provision of safe care to patients.

At the GP practice we have weekly meetings in addition to also having quarterly patient participation group meetings to constantly evaluate how we can improve patient safety and experience. 


September 2020 is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and is symbolised by a gold ribbon, worn to commemorate the event. This is an annual international awareness month to raise support, funding and awareness of childhood cancers and the impact for sufferers and families of sufferers of childhood cancer. It was founded in 2010 by former US President Barack Obama and is mainly run in the form of awareness events by cancer charities.

Childhood cancer is devastating to growth and development in children, and devastating to their families and friends. At a time when young people should be focusing on school, play and socialising, if they have cancer, their focus can be on medication, operations, and what life they have left.

Parents of childhood cancer sufferers have the anguish of watching their children suffer, and the stress of decisions on medications and treatments as well as decisions on time of work for themselves and time off school for the child, and worst, trying to explain to a child what is happening to them and answering the resulting questions on life and faith, and worst of all is the loss of a child to cancer, a devastation that can never be put right.

Some forms of cancer are mainly or exclusively only seen in children, and that is something highlighted by the awareness month. Children can be more resilient to cancer and cancer treatments than adults, and there are many cases of triumph and complete recovery, where children make a complete recovery and grow up to normal life. But awareness, education and support are vital, which is why Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is also vital.

Following diagnoses of Covid virus in Yorkshire, the following emergency plan will be in action:

COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan


COVID-19 has spread rapidly around the world in 2 months. The WHO have classified it as a public health emergency if international concern. The reproduction number is estimated at 2-3. The incubation period may be up to 24 days and it appears it may be possible for asymptomatic individuals to transmit the virus to others. It has high pandemic potential. GP practices have a duty  to protect their patients and a duty as employers to protect their staff. We all have a moral duty as brothers, sisters, patents, sons and daughters to protect our own families from our work related health risks. As independent contractors we need to be proactive in managing these risks for ourselves rather than waiting for direction from others.

1. Notice on practice home page with brief information on our coronavirus plan and links to PHA website and 111 phone number

2. STOP notice on front door advising those with fever and acute respiratory symptoms not to enter but to return home and contact the practice by phone

3. Further Posters in the waiting room and notice on practice information screen re-iterating stop sign advice

4. No patients with acute viral symptoms (fever, cough, myalgia, diarrhoea) to be seen in the practice unless serious concern for their health (mainly age and co-morbidity, or if breathless).

a. As a large proportion of patients with URTI report SOB this should be     assessed on phone triage by ability to speak in full sentences and can be supplemented by questioning ability to climb stairs

b. As a major reason for seeing patients is to rule out bacterial infections/pneumonia and decline antibiotics, antimicrobial stewardship will be temporarily relaxed and antibiotics prescribed if felt appropriate by the GP and allows safe telephone only management of patient

5. Option to move to total triage by telephone due to concerns that there is now transmission in the community and possible transmission by asymptomatic cases

6. Need to explore remote working options for clinical and admin staff in case they need to self isolate for 14 days or longer – BSO remote access using own devices or buy cheap laptops; cheap contract or PAYG mobile phones for telephone contact or pay staff an allowance for use of personal mobiles for business use. Also useful if entering pandemic to protect staff
from exposure in the first place and keep them well and working

7. Suspend routine work like annual bloods and BP checks for monitoring repeat meds to create capacity and reduce footfall in the practice

8. Suspend QOF work and chronic disease management clinics (ideally with Dept Health agreeing QOF holiday for those that need it)

9. Choose a room in the practice to use as an isolation room

10. All scripts issued in 3 month supply to reduce demand and footfall

11. Appoint a COVID-19 business continuity lead and deputy

12. Ensure an up to date list of all staff contact details and NOK details

13. Plan in place to redirect phones and allow remote working of practice has to be closed for deep cleaning/decontamination

14. If remote working need system to get scripts printed and given to patients

Mr Yousef (MPharm)

Mr Yousef has successfully completed 9 months at the practice dealing with complex medical queries and minor ailments. He has had very positive feedback from patients

Conisbrough Medical Practice are proud to announce that they are now proud members of the GP for Veterans Health Network.

Ljubljana University - Slovenia

Professor Vijay Kumar invited to speak at the department of family practice at Ljubljana University in Slovenia (EU) on achieving higher standards in Healthcare Delivery - February 2016

Teaching Republic of Ireland doctors & talk to Irish Surgeons

Dr Vijay Kumar attended the PCSA conference in Dublin on 25th & 26th September 2015 speaking on the current opportunities and threats in Primary Care Surgery.

1   2

Visit from Leeds GATE (Gypsy and Traveller Exchange) - September 2015

AMP bringing tighter relationships and advising Leeds CCG, Public Health, Doncaster/Leeds Council, Askern & Leeds Gypsies

1   2   3

NHS Leadership of the year award 2014/2015

Awarded for the services carried out for the patients in the community. This was awarded to our Clinical Lead, Dr Vijay Kumar at the end of 2014 at the Leeds Marriott Hotel.

NHS Leader Of The Year Award+

AAFP Conference – American Family Practice.aafp

Dr Vijay Kumar presented to American Doctors and from other places around the world at the Global Health conference part of the American Family Practice in Washington DC.

The National Health Service was explicitly explained to various delegates at the conference.

Interacting down under - New models of care in the NHS...


Our practice’s clinical lead was invited to present to the rural university centre based in Lismore which includes the University of Sydney, University of Newcross, University and Woologong. The speech was broadcast widely across to the outback to some of the Doctors working out there, talking about the various new models of care.


Visit from Kazakhstan

Visit from a leader of doctors in Kazakhstan. Damilya Negmonova attended the practice in June 2015 to see how the practice is run and learning from British care service to take back to Kazakhstan. Our staff had an excellent meeting with her and was delighted to exchange stories.

Kaz prof

Demilya then returned with 4 professors from the University of Almaty in September 2015.

September 2015 - Dr Vijay Kumar - Honorary Professor

Dr Kumar has now been appointed as an honorary professor in international health care delivery 


The Practice is approved by the University of Middlesex for training for the diploma in Minor Surgery and had the accolade of have various GPs coming to train under our clinical lead.


The practice has also trained Healthcare Assistants nationally and various lectures have been provided in Leicestershire and other areas for training.

The Practice has also done approved surgical training for level 1 and level 2 in a recent programme held in Manchester in early July 2015.

Picture below shows Dr Vijay Kumar meeting Princess Ann in Manchester at the International Surgeons Conference organised by the Association of Surgeons in Great Britain & Ireland (ASGBI) as a community member - April 2015 

Princess Ann***

Our Practice has been a long standing training practice for surgical services within the community. We offer training for GPs in various skin procedures and other procedures.

The Practice leads nationally in providing new models of surgical training at the Association of Surgeons in Primary Care (ASPC).

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